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La ONG Progetto Continenti sta selezionando un Social Care and Education Program Advisor per il centro Sangkheum Center for Children in Cambogia. Contratto di 6 mesi rinnovabili. Scadenza invio delle candidature: 29 maggio 2015

Social Care and Education Program Advisor at Sangkheum Center for Children LOCATION: Cambodia, Siem Reap DEPARTURE: Mid-August 2015 CLOSING DATE: 29th May 2015

THE PROJECT: Progetto Continenti operates in Cambodia since 1991. In 2001, PC set up the Sangkheum Center for Children with the main objective of preventing the increase of street children in Siem Reap. The focus was set on prevention and on eliminating social and economic factors which might lead to life of abandonment and destitution. Since then PC is implementing a comprehensive program, not only to support the resident children, but also the children within the community through education, training, social and medical support.

The residential center has 8 small houses built in Khmer-style where a group of 7 children live with a caregiver. The idea was to create a family environment for the children in living transition to this place, so that they could build relationships based on acceptance, respect and tenderness. Adequate care, education, health assistance, socio-emotional support, vocational training, several chances to join sports and leisure activities have been offered to resident children regularly along these 14 years. While assisting children in need, this center has launched since 2005, a comprehensive care program for those youths who, being grown up there, would have found themselves in condition (age, school grade, maturity) to leave the center and start an adult life outside. Sangkheum center has therefore started at the time what we still call “Young Adult Integration Program”.

Until early 2010 Sangkheum had new intakes. After on, the project undertook a critical analysis of the overall reception system and child abandonment dynamics in Cambodia as well as the inevitable institutionalization effects that could be observed in children grown up in residential centers. Progetto Continenti decided to stop new intakes because of the unreliable orphans-identification system at national level and to prioritize family support and care in the community wherever feasible. At this time Sangkheum Center started Family Reconnection and Reintegration Program, which along the years resulted today in 6 fully successful cases of family reintegration. Contemporarily, Sangkheum has run two foster care experiences which resulted smooth and successful in both cases (pilot cases in foster care experience would not have found accommodation in SCC in any case, because of the heavy disability and health conditions).

QUALIFICATIONS AND SKILLS: A university degree or above in Education, Psychology, Social Science or any relevant field. Proficiency in spoken and written English. Proficiency in computer Office packages. The candidate should possess excellent leadership, communication, negotiation and inter-personal skills. Advocacy and capacity building capacities are also required. Knowledge of Khmer language is an asset.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: At least 3 years experience as coordinator/manager of educational and social care programme, ideally with vulnerable children. At least 3 years experience of project management. A proven track record in managing programmes, preferably in South East Asia, ideally with a strong capacity building focus. The post requires a positive attitude towards the empowerment counterpart staff and local organisations. The candidate should possess the experience of operating with vulnerable children and teenagers, within multi-sectorial, multi-cultural teams and demonstrate flexibility in working style is important. Knowledge of and ability to cope with the relevant legal framework is an asset.

JOB DESCRIPTION: During the collaboration, the appointed person will be in charge of the following: to represent Progetto Continenti among national and international organizations and institutions; to follow up the renewal of the MOU between PC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs; with the participation of the SCC staff and in collaboration with the Directional Team, supervision of the current social care and education program and financial management; implementation and follow-up of the annual plan; in collaboration with the Directional Team of Sangkheum Center for Children, implementation of the fund raising annual plan with a budget forecast on expenses related to the planned activities; implementation of the foreseen activities, in coordination with the Directional Team (including up-dates on the website and to sponsors). inform on a monthly basis Progetto Continenti HQ on the program and fund-raising activities; gather and transmit to Progetto Continenti HQ all additional information that may be requested in accordance with the Sangkheum Center for Children Child Protection Policy.

FEES: 6-month appointment renewable. The ideal candidate should stay at least 3 years. 2-month probation period (from 17th August 2015 until 20th October 2015) at 1.200, 00 Euro gross per month. Working fee: 1.700,00 Euro gross per month (from 21st October 2015 until 22nd April 2016). No other benefits are granted, with exception of international insurance and one return ticket per year to/from Italy.

Letter of presentation and CV to: Martina Andretta, with email subject VACANCY CAMBODIA

Progetto Continenti will contact only pre-selected candidates invited to an interview in Rome.

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